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About NationWideTowing & Recovery Group, LLC

Over the past 23 years, our Founder worked as an Insurance Adjuster, and responded to many on-the-scene accidents.  He worked with various Wrecker Service Providers (WSP's) (sometimes all night long) as they made the "best", out of bad situations, in all kinds of weather. His Insurance and Trucking clients expressed a need for a "tool" that would accomplish (4) things:

1)  Identify the closest WSP to the scene of an accident (@ccidentLocator)

2)  Enable Direct Contact with the WSP - without 3rd Party delays  

3)  Separate the WSP based on known performance

4)  Reward those WSP's who do a good job, with MORE job opportunities

NationWide Towing & Recovery Group has built a Software Program, with this criteria in mind.  We are currently populating our DataBase with WSP's in the lower 48 States and will introduce the full program in late Spring of 2013. You will want to be SEEN by our Clients!

What Others Are Saying

“This new DataBase looks like something that the Towing Industry has needed for some time. Over the last 20 years I've seen many, towing plans and auto clubs, that have come and gone. Some of those cost us as much as $500 a year and yielded 0% or a very slim profit; leaving the Towing company without a way to replace worn out equipment.  I've known the Owner of NTRG, Timothy Berg, for several years, through Immediate Claims Service, a very reputable Claims Adjusting business. I’ve known him to always be on time, very fair in our dealings, and he made certain we got paid in a timely fashion. That's one of the reasons why, I believe NationWide Towing & Recovery Group, will become the fastest growing Towing Network in the country."

Mike Garlett dba Mike's Truck & Tire Service, Collins, MO.


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